Freight transport

Customized collection and delivery of goods
Servizi Pozzoli expands the range of services for local companies.
From today, in addition to the passenger transport services with driver, business transfer services and transportation for meetings and events, it adds a tailor-made service for the collection and delivery of documents, parcels and goods.

The home pick-up and delivery service offers the customer the opportunity to pick up and deliver a shipment directly to their company.
The service is aimed at any company that is in the situation of carrying out a more or less urgent shipment, wants an accurate and tailor-made service, where the normal courier is not convenient for collection / delivery times and cost. The collection and delivery will be agreed with you.
These tools allow you to book a shipment comfortably from the office through an email and by phone, and then wait for our courier to pick up the package and deliver it to the indicated recipient.
Easy, fast, without unnecessary waste of time and, above all, safe.

If the collection or delivery must be carried out at a business, it is also necessary to indicate the opening hours in order to provide it to our staff.

Delivery to a company or office can also be scheduled in advance.
Our operators are at your disposal for any information. They will indicate costs and delivery times which, taken into consideration, will help to know and plan that your shipment arrives at the desired times.

Don't hesitate, contact the number 0362 560474. From today, delivering a package has never been easier. The service is active for the national and European territory.