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The chauffeur services of Servizi Pozzoli is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our services are designed to address all kinds of issues related to our clients' urban and suburban mobility requirements.

Servizi Pozzoli is a dynamic company that cater to business travelers – who trust in our professional service – and vacationers who wish to indulge in a little luxury, offering premium services and added convenience.


All drivers who work with Servizi Pozzoli guarantee:

Reliability and Safety

Expertise and local knowledge

Full compliance with licensing regulations

Round the clock (24/7) service

Confidentiality at all times

Proficiency in 4 languages (Italian, English, German and French)


Our cars are all newly registered and are unrivalled in terms of road safety and cleanliness as they are washed and sanitised daily. They are also serviced more frequently than required, ensuring mechanical standards are optimal so that our clients may enjoy a safe and secure ride.

We strive every day to deliver top-notch services with regards to:


Through total compliance with current legislation, the highway code and local traffic regulations.

Road safety when travelling in a chauffer-driven car depends on a number of factors:

Choice of vehicle

Servicing of vehicles guaranteed by a certified car maintenance provider.

Selected professional drivers, all driving experts with all necessary certifications

Travel Assistance for any special needs or issues

Comprehensive Insurance policies

Compliance with laws on passenger transport and drivers

Travel documentation and contracts drawn up and applied with great care.



The latest cars, ensuring utmost onboard relaxation and amenities allow even the longest journeys to be spent in comfort and ease.



Assured by the careful selection of drivers with proven experience, aiming for the constant monitoring of their performance and improvement of their expertise thanks to dedicated training schemes and under the direct supervision of Servizi Pozzoli.



Our dedicated team focuses on providing maximum assistance and service with a smile at all times, along with the ability to make helpful suggestions and come up with valid alternatives quickly.



Before, during and after your experience with us, you will be impressed by our hassle-free aprroach and clear, thorough communication.



Cutting costs has become an bare necessity for businesses and people alike. By setting up a preferential agreement with our company, you will enjoy specially-tailored, affordable rates.

Traveling safely with new cars, regularly serviced and insured with top-range ceilings, while being driven comfortably by professionals.

No more wasting time at the airport waiting for a taxi, when booking a pick-up you will find the driver waiting, ready to take you to your destination.

In the case of business conventions, you will receive a detailed monthly invoice, stating each time the date, location and name of employee traveling with us, for the sake of maximum transparency.


These are the real benefits of car rental services with driver.


Servizi Pozzoli offers a flexible formula for renting a chauffer-driven car, guaranteeing 24/7 service 365 days a year, and keeping an eye on all cars with a satellite tracking system to detect its real time location whenever necessary for all kinds of client needs.

Servizi Pozzoli boasts a customer portfolio of over 100 companies.


Chauffeur-driven car rental used to be a niche market almost exclusively dedicated to a precious few.

In recent years a growing number of private individuals have been requesting our services, instead of conventional taxi services, thanks to our greater flexibility and lower costs.

In fact, anyone is welcome to contact us for our services without having to book days in advance and with the convenience of either paying the driver directly or receiving the invoice at the end of the month.