The private taxi service offered by Servizi Pozzoli constitutes an ideal alternative for tourists and holidaymakers who want to move quickly, without having to endure long waiting times or endless queues for catching a public taxi in places such as stations, airports or city centres.

Private taxi hire is a convenient and trouble-free service that aims to ensure a higher level of suburban and urban mobility.

As with public taxis, private taxis are allowed to circulate in limited traffic zones and lanes, affording greater comfort, more highly trained drivers, and rates agreed to ahead of time.

Considering the growing demand for private taxi services, Servizi Pozzoli still offers highly competitive prices, sometimes even more cost-effective than public taxis, and despite its unmatched quality.

Professionalism, style and punctuality are distintive traits of its highly trained staff, always attentive to customer needs and ready to respond to any request.


Servizi Pozzoli guarantees exclusive private taxi services to travel safely and in maximum comfort all over Italy and in Europe. Our company uses top of the range vehicles.


Private taxi services are ideal for

 transfers (city center, hospitals, clinics, etc.)

 connections to airports, railway stations and seaports

 weddings and ceremonies

 shopping tours with a personal shopper on request

 sporting events

 trade fairs, exhibitions, events and concerts

 delivering parcels or confidential documents.